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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 2:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sensei wrote:
Almost 10 years ago, a woman, I had never met, joined WarriorMatrix on the day it was started.

Something seemed unusual about her.

Her name was Lena.


My favorite story on here so far!!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 12:50 pm    Post subject: Salto Mortale and... Pizza Lichens? Reply with quote

Hi everyone. Before I give out my crazy orgonite experience, note that I am a daughter of a Mormon bishop emeritus and former General Motors worker (A director, maybe? He travelled to Germany, Russia, India and China, among other places for business travel.), and a mother who converted from Roman Catholicism to the so-called Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am also, on my father's side, a descendant of a Mormon Battalion sergeant, Ebenezer Brown, who became one of the founders of Draper, Utah (or something like that). I used to go to Mormon church but not anymore, but that was before I got my orgonite.

Without further ado, here I go with as much memory as I can: Out of curiosity (I had this wish to gift a part of the River Raisin in Michigan's Monroe County), I got my father to order a buck-naked tower-buster from CT-Busters (you know, purple in the shape of a cone) along with a DVD of an interview with the Croft couple. The DVD came first and the TB came second because the vendor apparently forgot about the latter by mistake. Things started to get very weird and creepy possibly even before the TB arrived. The following points are in no particular chronological order.

* My mother mumbled about some woman named Jean. At one point, she had me do some laundry in a weird manner while the television played bits of Animal Planet and others.

* My parents had this black, creepy part of their eyes, particularly at the edge of their sclera. Are my parents either at least non-human beings or just humans possessed by creepy, deadly orgone radiation-based beings? (Could they also be resistant to positive orgone radiation?) They behaved as though they were plotting to kill me or something.

* When I went on a stroll outside at dusk carrying my TB to my chest with the intent to gift the aforementioned river, I swear I heard some kind of cheerful/melodic chanting/singing in the distance (Could it be clairaudience that I have as a metaphysical ability, or is it just me? I also heard some weird voice saying "Sargasso Sea" when I placed a game piece that depicted one in a certain manner.)

* When I approached a house not far from mine, some children in there screamed. Were they scared of me or something else?

* My parents (maybe especially my father) had me sleep in a curling position with a bag of almonds beside me for a few nights. My father also threatened to whip me with one of his belts, which I had never seen or heard my father did before as a one-off happening.

* When the TB came, the television screen in my parents' bedroom had something like CCTV or something like that on the top-left corner of its screen. (I also heard weird subliminal message-like sounds coming from them I think. Like the word bounciness from an episode segment for How it's Made on making popcorn or something like that.) Also, the red van had acted like it's malfunctioning when it got started up in the presence of the TB.

* My mother stopped one of my brothers from looking at the sun for some reason (he was also saying something like "Jew's ball").

* I had my parents take me to the pizza restaurant of my childhood (now has television sets) for what's called cheesecake pizza for my birthday, and guess what? I saw things on the pizze that could have been (etheric?) meal-breakers that looked a bit like dark green mold/lichens or something. I was both freaked out and grossed out at the same time. Not to mention that when a few chemical-trails were deployed to cover up the Sun, I pointed the top of my head at it, had a look at it from an upside down view, closed my eyes and imagined stick-figure people fighting against the chemical-trails and protecting the Sun. (I also saw something grey like either a square tunnel or the bird's eye view of a pyramid.) Not to mention that there was this creepy white guy in a white shirt and a pair of sunglasses that was having an unsettling look at ME.

* On our way home from a certain errand, my mother pinned me down with at least one of her feet while my father drove home with us.

* Later at night, I was beckoned to lie on my parents' bed by my parents (their bedroom has a body-length mirror, and I've heard that mirrors are portals that could be used by demons and other entities) with only my underwear and a grey hat and do a few weird gestures with myself, covering my head with the grey hat and my face with my hands. Exhaling through my nose into the grey hat and positioning my hands around my head like I got some kind of sticky substance coming from it. I swear I heard some helicopter sounds and my father shouting something about one of my brothers during that weird experience. After the weird session was over, I noticed the following: that the cleaning instructions on the hat's tag were replaced with the phrase "Spot Clean", that there were some of my clothes scattered all over the bedroom, and that my father was lying next to me sleeping. Then in the morning, I got prescribed some Seroquel (supposedly an anti-schizophrenia drug) for some stupid reason having to do with this need to gain some weight. I refused to take the drug even though my father forced me to take a few pills before bed. I no longer have any Seroquel eventually.

So there you have it, a crazy series of crazy experiences that happened just a couple of years ago. (2014 or 2013? I don't remember which year very well.) Did I just got stripped of my etheric/psychic power and got some Wernicke's commands into me? I wonder what just happened to me. I later had my father purchase a Harmonic Protector pendant from Carol Croft's Crystal Insights, and later after that some two more buck-naked TBs because I placed my first TB in one part of the River Raisin (at a place in a neighboring county west of Monroe County) during a volunteering clean-up. Is it a good idea or not to purchase some orgonite from CT-Busters and Crystal Insights? I'm just curious.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:36 pm    Post subject: Two fat ladies....(bingo) Reply with quote

A month ago my son came to stay, and I put some pulsed orgonite under his bed (mobius coil quartz in aluminium/epoxy matrix) sine wave, 20v, 6.3hz 3mins, 63Hz mins, on repeat.

He doesn't (didn't) buy in to this synchronicity malarky, so I just put it on and wished him sweet dreams...

He doesn't usually remember his dreams but the next morning he told me he was left with the image of a digital 88 (hence the two fat ladies, it's a bingo call in the uk). He didn't remember much else.

Three hours later we drove to the coast (in Italy) to a restaurant, and looked for somewhere to park. Found the only space vacant near the restaurant and locked the car. He looked up and said 'no way!'

We had parked under a shop, which was called (bearing in mind this was in Italy, and he wouldn't have been able to read it if it was in Italian, it was written in English) - you've guessed it - "Eighty-eight".

What interests me about this was that it wasn't me that pointed it out to him - he saw the sign, and it resonated with him.

Fascinating stuff.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 9:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Had a spray plane (jet) fly down and spray my 18 wheeler with fibers in eastern Arkansas a couple years ago.
They weren't too happy with me that day. Cool

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