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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
Gifting Log Part 2
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:46 pm    Post subject: Gifting Log Part 2 Reply with quote

continued from http://www.warriormatrix.com/viewtopic.php?t=6340&postdays=0&postorder =asc&start=0

Some pics from St .Davids Cathedral &
assorted & random pics





Catherdral Tower


inside Catherdral, main part. Mainly Earth grid work. Two 30 paced ley lines converging on the exact spot the orchestra were playing. Moving a ley line to the node whilst pretending to be listening to the music, sat at front as close as i could get to the node point. In the end, the live classical music helped & raised the vibration & assisted the earth energy work there. thankfully!

St.Davids Cathedral back in the day was a famous place of pilgrimage. As popular as Rome.

So was expecting some juicey ley lines.

just abit of tweaking needed here & there..

area in general already felt gifted..


...things are looking up!

The mandala ceiling in Catherdral.


St.Davids Village


from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chapel_of_St_Non
"The Chapel of St Non is located on the coast near St David's in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Held by tradition to mark the birthplace of St David, the ruin cannot be accurately dated but is unusual in that it is aligned north-south rather than the usual east-west. Near to the ruined chapel is a retreat, a modern chapel and a holy well. "

...two leylines crossing at the exact spot of the ruins, EXACTLY the same width of the ruins!

The ley lines & the width of the above building were so accurately aligned, there is no coincidence that it was place there due to the presence of the Leys imo.


Inside the ruins.

St Non's Well. Inside. The well was sluggish at the time. Reputed healing waters.



St Non's Cross

A large stone standing in the corner of the ruined chapel, inscribed with a cross within a circle, is known as St Non's Cross. The stone was found in the same field as the chapel and is either a grave or an altar stone.[5] The stone is dateable to the 7th to 9th century, but there is no firm evidence that it originally came from the site.


Healing water flows in from behind Shrine. It was last year so can't remember specifics of what i did. Was doing alot of dowsing & earth grid work there, has limited amount of orgonite with me at time, so was hitting random masts as & when i saw them in & around the area. These places got more specific attention where i could give it & where needed,


The Chapel Retreat centre, HAARPING up in sky nicely... Some interesting energies going on here. Some grid tweaking required.. Peaceful place...


inside stained glass window


more HAARP....

Gifted the local St Davids town randomly where drawn to. gifting the police station etc..


Random Human Gifted two small pieces to a friends son who seemed receptive & fascinated by Orgonite I had made. He had them put on his phone!

I was visiting this area as it was a friends birthday, so was fitting in some covert gifting & earth grid activity as & when I could.

a more recent batch human & enviro gifted.



went back to check on a place gifted a few years ago. Aberdyfi/Aberdovey. An Estuary, rich in Celtic Myths & an Ancient Atlantean Gateway, i am told. This is one place I collect beach sand to make Bionised Sand.

Very peaceful & healing place. The wind spins around you & gently hugs you in a healing embrace!!


Spot the orgonite!


having some fun with stones & orgonite




Another revisitation to a gifted place. A large peace momument on a high hill near a castle(see earlier gifting report log, montgomery castle & peace monument). It turns out the HHG i planted there over 5 years ago has helped but the suppressed vortex was spinning the wrong way & there were other things going on that needed straightening out. Its a work in progress, suffice to say the leys were tweaked to where they wanted to go & the vortex is spinning the right way. Bit difficult to gift a vortex with a HHG when there is a large stone structure on top of it, suppressing it!

Well, the above pic is from the monument hill i took there earlier this year, It is a local look out point & place of peace & beauty. We also did some singing & chanting etc. Met some american tourists on the top too who had just been to a wedding & where trying to see as much of wales before they had to return. They really liked our music! (orgone enhanced, of course Wink hehe ). I played them a song too.


A random shell peice that came out ok.



made a wooden geodesic planter but used orgonite instead.

Experimented with the extension lead coil EM field CB ground boost application on multiple occasions with positive results(thank you whoever inspired this idea)

....Waited for a nice HAARP White out day to try this & with a forecast check...








Later on that day.....



starting to clear,....



clears...& it got clearer. Also smudging down the CB pipes & base with Sage or palo santos helps i found.
the occasional tea light with intention too,...


slight CB experimental modification.

Octahedhron bringing Balance between Above & below, assisting grounding & balancing process..
Or two pyramids, if you like,


A physical pyramid, usually creates an etheric counterpart, beneath itself, This can be dowsed.


Orgone charged fermenting Vanilla chai spiced water kefir,

Together we have PORtential!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very nice report.

Good job.

i like the small neolitic formation.

atlantean inukshuk...



P.S. i do agree that earthing a cb feels great and works great. i think it is a french gifter that formulated the technique you use.
"Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs: the future, for which i have really worked, is mine. - Nikola Tesla
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you Starseed,

Yes, totally, grounding orgonite feels totally different. I am sleeping with my cloudbuster at the bottom of the bed for about 4 months now with the plug in grounding & am use to it. Got the idea to cast the top part of a plug with the prongs onto a TB when in the mould wet, then it dries/casts with part of the plug on one side. Basically, plug-in orgonite, or TB with a plug on back that plugs in & grounds the energy. utilising the earth/ground connection of the house wiring system.(obviously not connecting the 'live' terminals which could be, erm...shocking! , just the earth terminal). Maybe integrating iTB into the plug, connectiing the u-wire to the grounding terminal of the plug prong. I'll keep you posted. Could be connected up in series to further soften the 40-50hz dissonance in the house wiring system along with orgonite on the electric meter. idea stage. THis came from the extension lead around the CB base idea. Nice how others ideas create inspiration for others....


So was heling out with a samba drumming workshop in west midlands, walsall woods area. Had some free time during the day, despite feeling abit down & on a detox clear out, Took a bag of orgonite with me & had a waltz around the area gifting masts as & where I could. Took a few snaps shots of the ofcom base station sitefinder http://www.sitefinder.ofcom.org.uk/search from the home compture before so having a rough idea where antenna's are. Really is a great tool, especially in rural areas if you gift & haven't used it yet for your area.


nice to to do some more inner city gifting for a change, as can get alot done quicker, lots of mast together on one place, as most of my gifiting is in deep rural areas where you have trudge up large hills or across lots of farmer fields to get to them & they are really spaced out as less populated in these areas.

Alot of the industrial estate in aldridge & then walked north towards brownhills & did some more there near the school. The best example of 'where not to put an antenna' was on a pub hotel, the oak ridge hotel pub on main road or something. Well, what i thought were two white flag poles poking up from the side of the roof against the side of the top floor rooms turned out to be two antenna's with the small ariel coming out the top of each one! Really question the safety limits of that one. Probaly cashing in on the 's a year for each mast on their property/building without regard to the health & safety. It looked desperate. Forget the Stuart report! Well, i gave each mast a present they will hopefully remember.

From the industrial estate in aldridge glimpsed a large T.V antenna in distance, looked like walking distance(how wrong I was lol!) , asked a guy walking nearby if he was local & knew where the antenna was & how to get to it,(he had an american accent & claimed to be loca & new the areal!) , well, it turned out to be along way. Seemed nearer because the antenna was taller. so bit decieving on distance. The antenna in question, i later found out is the one(or ones, as there are two in fact with a smaller one in middle) in sutton coldfield that has been taunting me from a distance since i gifted Lichfield & caught sight of it there some years back. I had a large orgonite pyramid in my bag waiting for it, but alas, too far for me to get to on foot again & had to be back to help pack drums away at 3.30pm. So let that go for now.

Any one gifted the sutton coldfield T.V antenna's yet? You can see them for miles, so hopefully some birmingham or local gifters out there have done the job. Happy to send orgonite to someone close enough to gift them just pm me. They are right next to sutton coldfield british rail station from what i saw.

More antenna's(Aldridge). I won't bore you with lots of antenna pics. lol


Gifted a community gardens project in Machynlleth where they are building a big boat structure on the land & the orgonite is going into the foundations. They are applying for funding from the local council & need all the help they can get with that, as they are cutting funding & the arts & music are the first things to get funding cut, so hopefully orgonite can boost the project & chances of funding. This place is the ancient political capital of wales uk. Gifted the antenna's here a good few years ago so was good to return to see how its doing. there has been some fairly unpleasant stuff going on for the town in recent years, so the more orgonite the better. A friend lives locally & is doing some amzing work in the community there, he has been enduring some really harsh oppostion & set back(life challenges), including character assassation etc. So i gave some orgonite to grid his house & for personal protection. Seems to be improving/balancing.

Here is a pic of how it was looking when we returned.


The energy felt good & clear. Also, Alot of a green scene there going on there, so some good people doing good work.

Other related stuff..

Getting into practicing the art of using 'Gravity Glue' http://www.gravityglue.com/ by entering a zen state & slowing down the breathing.. then balancing stones on top of each other in a gentle, delicate procedure...

So inspired by the guys work, it fitted into what am doing already, but just taking it a step further...

Only been practicing a few months. They are 'gifts' to the environment, similar to orgonite... natural sculptures
.(if you like Andy Goldsworthy's stuff, then you will love this too).

Hope to include orgonite in this, literally balancing in more ways than one!

first humble offerings(with just local natural stones for now)








...imagine orgonite in there.... taking stacking orgonite to a new level. Balancing on new levels!


need to make egg & sphere shaped orgonite as feel that would be the shapes that would lend themselves to being balanced in the same manner as this. Otr making the rock shaped orgonite, a forum member made with rock shaped moulds. That is another great idea.Though will try different shapes. You need a certain amount of surface area to grip & balance. Once you find the central axis balancing point of the stone or orgonite, & that is aligned with all pieces, it becomes amazing how it literally balances on its own! By turning it gradually& finding the click in point where it stays in place.. am still just learning about this, but am really loving it. It really nice to get out by the river & have a go or wherever you can find materials..

A lovely way to do Human gifting project too...people can take them or leave them.

to be continued...
Together we have PORtential!
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Leo wrote:

need to make egg & sphere shaped orgonite as feel that would be the shapes that would lend themselves to being balanced in the same manner as this. Otr making the rock shaped orgonite,.

Completely agree. Ovoids or egg shapes, perfect spheres and flattish-round but pleasingly-shaped rocks are all I think about anymore when it comes to pouring. They just feel better to me-- which is not to say I dislike pyramids and TB's and HHG's! Smile Just an instinctual thing.

And Leo, those standing stones balanced like so are apt to stop anyone in their tracks. How intriguing! Thanks for the idea. In the state of Iowa, along a certain highway, someone has stacked a series of 3 - 10 ordinary field stones in small towers, varying sizes, and all at crossroads. It seems to be significant, and when I researched guardians of crossroads, I learned the following: there used to be a practice in ancient Mediterranean parts of the world to pile stones in stacks, as a way to honor Hekate. Hekate (or Hecate), the Greek Goddess of the underworld, the Otherworld, protector of anything and anyone who was socially outcast, protector of newborns, and who walked the land by night, usually attended by owls (symbols of wisdom). She was the guardian of many hidden and occult things, including places where trails and roads met at a crossroads.

Since learning this, I have paid special attention to any type of "standing" stone or stacked stones found hereabouts.
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PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 8:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very interesting about the stacked stones. In Galveston Texas I saw a man doing this. He had 6-8 stacks. I never ever thought that there was anything else to it besides just what it looked like.
I miss a lot of threads and apparently missed this info a while back.
If I see him again, I will take more of a look at what might be going on there.

Nice gifting reports BTW!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:06 am    Post subject: Well-Balanced Orgonite! Reply with quote

thank you.

Interesting history with the use of stones, or stacking stones there in USA(@Kieron & Scott).

My first proper introduction to this was in Boyton Canyon, Sedona. Hiking all the way to the end of canyon(well worth the effort). Finding stacks of stones that were all over the canyon floor! left by people, that had done a Sacred/Ceremony there, to let others know. 'This place is Sacred, kind of message, This is the explanation i was given.

An indigenous/native tradition/custom kind of thing. Was fascinated by it all, so left a stack myself after doing some meditation & toning there. Amazing acoustics, the sound reverberates all around you, once it gets into the vortex. plus the natural echo & acoustics of the canyon. the place is like a vortex sound chamber! Kachina spirits guard the entrance, from what i understand. It think i have posted about this place before, so will leave it at that.

maybe it is a native american thing that pops up all over states, in sacred places, or what use to be.

A way of Honouring Mother Earth.

Here's more then....

more Gravity glue practice..







....just add orgonite


Orgone gravity glue love!








with Orgonite?!


Well-Balanced Orgonite...


..probably the most well-balanced orgonite i have ever made actually! lol









The river has been well gifted previously too, so made it all the more nicer. knelt in river waist deep facing current & had a nice moment. letting go of past moment.. sun shining down nicely.

more practice needed... aiming for multiple orgonite pieces & stones balancing together, ideally, human gifting. the sphere seems the easiest shape so far to make & use for it.

gifting bits & pieces here & there. small villages in wales with, like one or two mast. usally see them at train stations, supposedly for train communication. or the lamp post style ones.

some strange haarp a while back, had to photo it, as it just seemed, well weird. Like, it shouldn't be there, if you know what i mean. Seemed quite fresh & white though.... (above a well gited & CB area).









maybe just contrast of bright blue skies & whiteness, & sunlight.


CB pointing south west(ish) at approx 45degree angle.(changes)


orgonite spice & herb jar tops!





Abit Chilli!


A few recent pyramids. The blue one was made for a metal supplier who is into high vibe crystals!
Had some super sweet phenacite, amethyst in it. nice high vibe. if you like that kind of thing.




some nice clouds from a welsh town revisted after approx one year ago gifting it. there was a nice music festival in the park, we paid extra attention too, as it was once an old victorian spa town & the waters/energy had turned stagnant, as not used so much in current day & age. Some interesting energies going on! Bit dark in places. Got some interesting feedback, one of my friends is a forest school teacher there & they use the spot exactly where we the main vortex is in the park! Did some tidying of the vortex & related leylines that converge there a year back. Funny enough there is a HUGE concrete dog sculpture laying on its front with head on ground & the vortex point in question is located at the top of his head!! So that was nice, that they playing in the vortex energies. My running theory is that people are subconsciously attracted to these energies & 'know' at some level, where they are. It feels good to them, so they play or sit there. Or even place large concrete dog sculptures there(will try to find pic of that, as its an absolute gem!lol)

Though, nearly got arrested for trespassing last year in that town, lol , (first time ever in nearly ten years gifting thus far)had to get up onto a hilltop mast on farmland that had a stroppy farmer! but was worth it. When it comes to the crunch & they are going to phone the cops, seems honesty is the best policy. So i just told him what i had been doing. As expected, he didn't understand & threatened to phone police, at which point i told him i would be more than happy to speak to the police. In fact, i encouraged him to phone them. He didn't, as expected.

Well, he took me photo etc. but nothing came of it. boosted like mad on way home & thankful it went ok.

Its a minor offence anyhow. That & littering. & so the story goes..


nice scots pine Guardian Tree, (well thats how it felt!) quite close to the Dogs head vortex, yes, thats what i'll call it, the dogs head vortex. ok. He's the Boss! on a side note, i don't seem to concur with Alfred Watkins theory on Scots pines being an indicator of leys meeting, or leylines. Sometimes, but not consistently enough to call it a theory. Just my observation. Another dowser at a recent conference tended to agree. Am sure there is a pattern somewhere...

Not quite sure what to call this, but it will either go into water or get hammered into the ground most likely, unless it shows me what else it can do in the mean time. tweaking basic designs..






on coast road(from previously gited town), random pics of sunset from car window in motion.

first pic(no white orb in sky)
apologies for blur, we were moving!


second pic with white orb anomaly?! (taken seconds after previous pic). not sure what is?


Messages in the Sylphized chemcrud!?


unless its wishful thinking/imagination, am sure i can see 'Leo.' spelt in sky!? lol


ok, well maybe not.
Together we have PORtential!
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Leo
Nice to see another uk Organiite maker.

Are you still active in your area. I love Wales . We drove up the west side last may. Visited Aberystwyth , Tenby , Porthmadog etc
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:41 pm    Post subject: !! Reply with quote

Are you still active in your area. I love Wales . We drove up the west side last may. Visited Aberystwyth , Tenby , Porthmadog etc

Hi OSTL & All,

Yes, been meaning to update threads here for awhile. This 'Collective Cosmic roller coaster ride' is still in effect & it seems that loop the loop thing makes me dizzy... thankfully making & gifting orgonite helps with the dizziness. Not just for myself but for the environment & everything in it. Still keeping on...Smile

Yes, Aberystwyth(Aber-wrist-watch, as we call it!) Aber, meaning ' Mouth' of the Ystwyth River. It is a lovely place. It is a lovely coastal journey, that west coast. Was just in Aber couple of weeks ago checking out the place. Spent most of the day on the cliffs practicing my orgonite gravity glue techniques( tip-Slate is easier to practice with, pics to follow) & checking on the energy & vortices to be found there. There is a interesting vortex(50ft approx from what i remember) on the beacon hill overlooking the seafront. Big raised fire beacon pit right on the node point. Seemed fine though. Looks like someone is 'energetically stewarding' the place already. There was an shrine stone placed on base of fire pit, which was a good candidate for a tb to be hid beneath, but after checking energy there, it all seemed tickety-boo... & it didn't want any, so fair enough!

There was a out-of-the-way stone Goddess shrine further down the cliffs where there were some candles left burning. So left a TB at the shrine entrance. Paid my respects. There were votive offerings. Was nice spot. Overlooking coastal cliffs & town. Have a pic to share of that at some point. There is a juicy antenna two hills away, due south.(& some odd monolith on a hill, another major vortex no doubt). Maybe a BBC tv Mast by looks of things. From what i can tell someone is active in this area. Things seems to be taken care of. Smile

Gifted a homeless man on way back to the station, sat in shop doorway, who was really please to hear that it created positive energy. Looked like he needed abit of that:)

Vaguely remember someone popping up on the board here a year or so ago from that area or active in that area. Was concern about the carmenthenshire HAARP station from what i recall....
So thank you whoever is taking care if it. It would be alot of legwork to get up to that one in Aber from what i can see from the cliff!

the west coast is not as accessible to me, though have started to explore it more recently. Aberdovey is done. & Barmouth from what i remember, it is likely documented earlier here in the log.

If there are any other gifters in wales especially west wales, please give an idea of areas covered or a clue if poss.

Porthmadog & tenby have not had chance to gift yet. Not sure if its been done or anyone active there gifting. The whole west coast could do with sea gifting. A boat & a mountain of orgonite! Or an orgonite boat & a mountain, I'm not fussy!

Update from last year.. (pics to come)

So last year, was invited to visit Alexandra Palace in London to meet the 'Hugging Saint Amma' ! Smile Was there for Devi Bhava the last night where they chant & sing all night & Amma gives her Darshan. Well, as i approached the Palace what could i see, but this huge offensive antenna poking up from the roof. Upon closer inspection it is the first BBC transmission mast to be erected or something, replete with circular blue plaque! So basically, the antenna's been there quite awhile! So first things first, pulled some orgonite out of the rucksack & stashed some about the place. Then went inside, kind of made to look abit egyptian inside(smelt of freemasonry, unless my sense of smell was messing with me..).. Really tall ceilings & polished floors, connection to the library of Alexandria? So, then am queing up to get my ticket among the hundreds of people waiting in a very long line... then right on cue, in the queue. A very low sounding rumbling noise directly above the venue & so then look at the time, approx 20 mins after gifting the antenna earlier had passed.. Felt better knowing it was gifted what with all this spiritual activity going on. Not that Amma needs Orgonite, she probably does that job herself very well, but she can't be there all the time. So that was my bit of Seva(Selfless service) for the day.. Well, did abit of folding up of chairs & stacking them nicely in a pile in the morning helping clear away.. Good job had a healthy Shamanic dose of Guatemalan Ceremonial grade Cacao the eve before, to get me through! No sleep.. Gave Amma a pink rose as a gift for recieving her Darshan(blessing), seemed abit ironic & inappropriate to give her a piece of orgonite!!

There was an orgonite stall in the venue for the event, earlier before, i was told, but did not get to see it or meet the people. Hopefully they are gifters too. Some amazing people & selfless volunteers making it all happen. Bit tiring, but generally an amazing first experience for me with all that. In the morning, as I left. Reached for my Bansuri flute and played a little in the hall way out. Most amazing acoustics in that place! Natural reverb! The sun was beginning to rise nicely. Looking over london skyline as came out of venue.(it is raised up on hill the whole venue)..

Then could see an offensive amount of chemcrud being unloaded in the sky, so sat & lamented with my flute about the whole thing... deciding to focus on the natural beauty instead(why give it energy any more?!)....giving thanks with music for the beauty that it is.. moments.. So then on way back to the tube station, hit some more antenna's that were there that i noticed. One array on top of a residential building... That was that.. made me realise what a huge gifting project london is!! (thank you London gifters & all who are gifting/gifted london)..

Just keeping giving it out to people & places as & when opportunity & resources allow. Its seemingly random.

Am also very interested in earth energies/earth gridwork. So find myself dowsing, tracking leylines etc. This ties in nicely with the orgonite as it is such a great tool for rebalancing earth energies & clearing, making sure things stay clear once work is done.

Made a couple batches of earth pipes & gifted them to a fellow dowser & energy worker(he does it for a living & teaches it)

At first he found the orgonite too strong & disruptive to his energy. He makes up his own energy devices to correct & move ley lines & earth energies. He can 'see' energy quite clearly, so its interesting to hear his feedback about these devices. There are some promising results from his experiments. Especially using three pieces in a triangle to collapse energy in the middle that is non-beneficial. Also the orgonite earth pipes seems to be doing the job his own devices did but without the need for bulky large devices with more materials needed. So he is happy to use the earth pipe. He has a bit of it sticking out of the ground. First one gifted him was with a tb on end of copper pipe & now he has a handful of orgonite earth pipes to play with.. Its alot of fun seeing what it possible with these devices. He comes up with some great applications, will be happy to share this here too, as & when.

Just grounded the CB with a copper earth pipe & copper coil the other day, when it was sunny.. now we have whiteout for two days & finally it gets abit sunnier today... feels better grounded. Moving around abit & keeping water out of pipes! It all abit random at the moment. All good though.

Its late on a sunday eve here at mo, will endeavour to post some pics later in the week or as & when can, to accompany the above topics when can upload them & update you Smile Lets keep gifting & doing what we can.

great to see others getting on board & doing what they can.

There is no such thing as in insignificant act, each orgonite gifted/made, is another Light in the darkness...
Together we have PORtential!
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you, Leo. Great gifting stories, thank you for making such a difference, and for inviting us along Very Happy

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:36 pm    Post subject: Pics Reply with quote

Alexandria Palace, London UK
{apologies for poor quality of some pics)

Alexandria Palace, London UK
Felt like Changing the word ' INAUGURATED' on blue plaque above to ' INORGONATED' !!

Sky morning after Amma Darshan. Alexandria Palace, London UK

Bansuri Flute lamentating music Optional.

'Aber wrist-watch' sea front

Goddess Shrine on encountered & gifted with orgonite

Spot the orgonite

Balancing that orgonite again.. Well kinda...

No orgonite .. bit of free climbing involved though.

Did try to get some orgonite rested on the top! Or should say 'Topple!'... he he..

view from beacon vortex hill.. another monolith hill in distance & antenna further along..on right in pic

From cliffs... perspective.. West coast wales...

Random mystery black beam appeared. Different location from above... More inland in a gifted area...
Any Ideas?! Looks like what have seen guiding chemtrails across sky before they are laid & seemingly guiding the craft in a line or route. Not the first time seen these. Managed to get pics this time.

THis is a progression sequence from nothing in pic to pics where its doing its thing in pic..


sun was setting...

seems to be coming up from the ground as oppose to across the sky.

was there a good while...

then gone.... well out of visible perception.

Maybe others have seen something similar?

Recently gifted some orgonite to a homeless man in Richmond-upon-thames, he was sat by the bridge & has just finished playing my bamboo flute under it besides the River Thames, as the acoustics & reverb are reallly nice....

so kept walking & saw this homeless guy, no one really paying him any attention. Reached in my bag as walked past & handed him a small decorative TB. Told him it generates positive energy & that keeping it with him would keep his energy in a positive balanced state & that it kind of acts as a 'lucky charm'. {You have to improvise when it comes to explaining it & never really know what to say! ha!' Just kept it simple & emphasise the positive' just talking about the neg. can switch people off sometimes find..plus we are well aquainted with the negs right! ha!)

So he takes the TB, graciously accepts it & have a real nice chat with him. Genuinely nice guy just wanting a simple life & being at one with nature & free... (totally understand that one!).. Just before walking off as the conversation came to a close.. asked him if he had any money to which he didn't... felt compelled to gift him my emergency 5 so he could at least get something to eat that evening.. it felt like the right thing to do.. He was a happy with that & thanked me as I walked off to meet my friend...

So then skip forward about 4 hours & am walking through the Park with my friend photographing trees that look like dragons... & lo & behold...what do i find on the ground next to the tree....?!!

A fresh crisp 20 note on the ground!!! The Universe says 'Thank you' or so it seems..

Interesting how it works sometimes...
Together we have PORtential!
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That last item... What an uplifting report!! Cool
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you. Smile It was an uplifting day! Richmond park has been gifted also. awhile back from what remember.

made the words 'Thank you' & a smiley face out of twigs on ground on exact spot found the 20. Not sure about the Deer poo! Or whatever it is near it. Brings up the philosophical question, 'What is worth more, the 20 note or the Deer Poo'?!.... There were plenty of Deer out & about that day.

So a friend took some of my orgonite out to Africa, to gift a hospital, gift the four corners & also gifted a nice Giza replica orgonite big pyramid for one of the lady's house out there. He has supported them over the years & now finally went to visit them.

He took other practical simple things that are helpful for them out there. Also MMS is something that can really help from my experience.. One of my Canadian friends was out there a good few years back & told him to take a load of MMS with him to help(miracle mineral Solution-Jim Humble), [I understand there are many fluctuating opinions & reports on MMS. I know] .I have used it myself. Anyhow, He was donated a load of MMS from a guy in Canada & took it with him to Africa & he showed them how to use it to cure Malaria out there.

It was a good job, he had to use it on himself & cured himself of malaria when he was out there, so proved it worked to himself, if anything!

So hopefully more awareness about things that can help in those areas,
Especially in impoverished places. Its great to gift orgonite to people who can gift it for you!
Together we have PORtential!
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PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 11:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Carmarthenshire... pics to follow
Together we have PORtential!
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PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 11:58 pm    Post subject: carmarthen Reply with quote

Gifting in Carmarthen

pics to come.. likely after current Mercury retrograde by the way its going!

edited out my rant. Plan B, in action.
Together we have PORtential!
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Together we have PORtential!
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