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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
Stellarius' protocol for self-love and acceptance

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:48 pm    Post subject: Stellarius' protocol for self-love and acceptance Reply with quote

Hello friends,

Let me begin with explaining why self-love and esteem is so important.

What do you feel is standing in your way to your dreams? Is it a lack of money? A lack of discipline? That you feel you're not good enough in some area of life? Wether it is to help other people, pour and plant more orgonite or simply getting a new car, there's always ONE obstacle that is surely the first one to block your road; it's YOU! Or, more accurately, your false beliefs of yourself, acquired over time from friends, family and society. By having limiting, untrue beliefs (such as "I'm always so lazy" or "I'm not capable of anything good", or "I don't deserve to enjoy life"), you are making sure your dreams will stay right where they are - in the dream department.

Here's my story. Skip to the dashed line below if you don't have the time to read everything.

Nowadays when I'm out or riding the bus, I see so many people who give off a vibe of insecurity and low self-esteem. Not only that but almost half of the teens and a slightly less percentage of the adults I see suffer from moderate to severe acne, something I suffered from myself, troubling me very badly. My dad says he barely knew of acne back in the 70's. It seems there are different problems in our modern world; people never feel good enough. Kids at school are at increasingly younger ages getting worried about what designer clothes their parents will get them and how cool and accepted they are. I myself can relate to this epidemic of self-unacceptance. You can imagine that I tried every diet and natural medicine available for my acne, and of course nothing worked, adding to the frustration. I spent loads of time picking my face, adding to scars.

Not only this, I always seemed to be unable to take on big things. If I wanted to get in shape, I'd go to the gym for two weeks, then I'd spontaneously get sick or stopped going. I always seemed to reach a part of my goals, and then I'd be back in square one.

The first ray of hope appeared during one vacation with relatives to a warm country. I noticed that my face and pimples all healed itself after just THREE days. "It must be the sun that helps nourish my skin and help it fight the bacteria", I thought. When I came back home it reappeared. This pattern was observed many times, and finally I figured out what was ACTUALLY going on.

When I was on my trips, I started relaxing and letting go of all the self-criticism and self-denial. Since I was in another country, I thought, "Who cares if anyone sees me like this", and after a day or two I actually started feeling really great about myself. With that feeling of self-acceptance, the acne vanished ever so quickly.

I also noticed that when playing guitar in my friends garage, I'd always play terribly when I cared about what other people thought of me. Once I learned to let go of what others think, I started playing melodies and music as if it came from my heart; I even remember perfectly playing some difficult solos and melodies I have NEVER practiced before or even thought of.

When you let go of the attachment of other's supposed opinions (which in reality you have no way of knowing, and in which case does not decide who you are), and learn to embrace yourself fully as you are, with each so called flaw, and realize that you too are perfect - you will quickly see changes in your life. When you realize that you ARE loved, and you're NEVER alone, even more amazing things will happen! People will start to act more kindly towards you; you will seemingly soar instead of struggling to stay afloat. Smply put, you will attract the life that your higher self longs for. And not only that, your power of manifesting will increase a lot since you have the pure unblocked energy of willpower and self-esteem to back you. No more procrastination, no more self-criticism.

So what do I do?

Protocol for self-love, esteem and acceptance.

I am far from finished with healing myself in this area, but I work on it every day and I know I'm healing myself.
Here's what I do:

1) Whatever you do, practice mindfulness meditation. This is the best way to clear your mind and regain your awareness of what you are and what you are not; you will see that you are NOT all the negative and self-criticizing thoughts in your head. You simply, are.

2) Boost your solar plexus chakra. It is a center of self-esteem and personal power. I do this by wearing yellow clothes at home, eating foods like pineapple, yellow bell pepper and a turmeric extract that I have prepared. I'm not so energy sensitive but I feel like it's making a difference. Sometimes when I feel insecure, I can actually feel some kind of pain or blockage in the solar plexus area. I try to vizualise white energy clearing this block, and if effective, the blockage subsides and a warm feeling of peace emerges. That's my sign of success. Keep this chakra balanced, lest your self-esteem turns to arrogance and feelings of superiority. Make sure you keep that heart chakra strong too, as it balances out egoism and boosts your love for yourself and others.

3) Surround yourself with orgonite. It helps, and I think you all agree with me. I feel like I do not need to elaborate further on this one. I also like to burn some frankincense in my room at times, I feel it helps cleaning up bad energy. This is optional though, and I'd prioritize orgonite.

4) Be nice to yourself. This is key! Stand in the mirror, look in your eyes and try to feel the love that you so deserve. Repeat "I love and approve of myself" and other affirmations that actually feel good to you as many as a few hundred times a day. I got this technique from Louise Hay's book "You can heal your life" which is a great book by the way. Remember, it's not about the technique or the words you choose - it's about how it feels when you do it.

5) Take some time off to go on dates with yourself. When was the last time you stayed home for a session of meditation? When did you last prepare a sweet, healthy meal for yourself? Spending time with yourself is a great way of cultivating a good self-esteem and self-love.

6) Be mindful of how you react and judge others. Many times, I noticed that I would look down and judge certain people that were acting nice to me. After deep reflection I figured that I looked down upon them because deep down inside, I was really asking myself how they could be nice to someone unworthy like me. I feel like I didn't deserve it, and that generated feelings of anger towards these people. Don't forget, our reactions to others are in a way like mirrors of what is going on inside you.


I'll leave you with a few words.

Many times in the past, I felt like spending effort on learning to love myself was bad and egoistic. Why on earth would I do that when there were people who were in need of my help and love? Remember, that you cannot fully love others if you cannot fully love yourself. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! You too are an important part of the grand game of life. When your self-estem and self-love are soaring, you will be in a place where you can fully and truly be of service to others - because only then will you not be standing in your own way of love and compassion towards all that is.

I hope this text or these techniques will be of help to someone; they have helped heal me.

Bless you all,
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks, I find meditating on the awareness of the point in the center of the solar plexus helps a lot as well.
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