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Homeopathy and vaccination
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 3:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If my memory serves, Hering's Law was discovered by Constantine Hering, and that was some time after Hahnemann. Must look that up. Thanks!

OK.. this talks about Hering's laws in the context of Hahnemann's work, from an article by Rudi Verspoor on www.heilkunst.com/reflections.html

"The dimensions of traumas (homogenic), of drug-induced disease (iatrogenic) and of the miasms (pathogenic diseases) are the main ones involved in the treatment of chronic cases that we meet. Most people have multiple diseases involving all of these factors. In approaching such cases, given that Hahnemann stated that we must treat disease, we need to determine what to tackle first and in what order.

Fortunately, Hahnemann gives us an order in the section of the Organon dealing with chronic disease. Here he sets out that we must first deal with the blockages to cure of the underlying chronic miasm created by the traumas and the drugs, then approach the miasm. We also have Hering's observations on the natural direction of cure in a disease (from above down for pain, from within outwards and in the same direction of the disease process), as amended by Kent for situations of more than one disease (in the reverse order of the diseases).

This tells us that time is a critical factor in determining the sequence of the individual traumas and druggings (we need to treat them in the reverse order of their occurrence, as that is the direction of the natural healing force of the living power or dynamis). In terms of time, the chronic miasms would pre-date the life events, and Hahnemann then gives us the proper sequence of treatment based on clinical experience (Psora first, then Sycosis, then Syphilis). This has been elaborated on by others since for the more recently discovered miasms (Tuberculosis and Cancer).
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