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Winter Hill in north west England

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:30 pm    Post subject: Winter Hill in north west England Reply with quote

Winter hill lies in the west pennine moors north of Manchester. It is home to a massive transmitter over 300 metres in height plus half a dozen other well stacked towers. It was the site of a plane crash in 1958 and multiple UFO sightings have been recorded. Artifacts dating back several thousand years have been found there.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_Hill_(North_West_England)#UFO_sig htings

I first gifted this hill a few years ago, but I had several children in tow and I was unable to get to the top, so I had to make do with gifting further down the hill. That gifting trip was memorable for a few things. A dead sheep which finally convinced the children to let me carry on alone up the hillside, a wonderful blue hole confirmation in very heavy cloud cover and a moment of weirdness at the first place we parked. We realized we couldn't reach the hill, so returned to our cars and were surprised to see a vehicle with US military markings parked right next to us. There is no US base close to the hill so far as I know so this was very weird, but we drove off and found another place to park and gift.

Recently I had the chance to gift the hill again, but unfortunately, the first trip was in company and I just didn't have time to get up the hill, so I made do once again with gifting further away than I would have liked. Fortunately I did get the chance to get up the hill again and this time I got to the top, after stumbling for several hundred yards through boggy terrain. I gifted fairly thoroughly and I was happy to consider the place as well gifted.

There were no dramatic confirmations that day, but it is certainly a very important place to gift and I was satisfied to have finally got it done.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good work Anthony! Yes, i know what you mean. Good to get around it, when you can. Looks like you struck jackpot there too! nice one....Quite the monster antenna & hotspot!

Managed to get around to one have been meaning to do for a while too myself.

Circumstances prevailled benevolently for gifting nuclear power station in north Angelsey earlier this year as proposal for building another beside it is in process. The archeogical survey was underway when there.
Its beside the ocean too.. Made gifting abit easier.(will post about it on gifting thread at some point)

Felt good to gift it, even if it meant a headache for a while after. Had to ground that.

The 'gifting feel good factor' in effect, albeit everntually!

Good work Antony!

Keep up the great work:)
Together we have PORtential!
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