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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
Entity Removal Technology (or Super Powerful Healers)

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Michael Andrews

Joined: 04 Sep 2016
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 4:42 am    Post subject: Entity Removal Technology (or Super Powerful Healers) Reply with quote

I'd like to get some ideas about technology (or an extraordinarily powerful healer) for removing very difficult entities. Both myself and another person I know, each have a large 'squid-like' or tentacle monster like attachment.

This other person lives several states away and I was introduced to her though a common friend that owns a metaphysical shop. I haven't met her in person. We both have had similar problems and had them for about the same period of time...7-8 years.

I've had sessions with about 3 dozen (not exaggerating) healers, shaman, psychics, etc. None have been able to help. Prayers, invoking deities, sage, psychic removal attempts, nothing has worked so far.

I made a Succor Punch, but the squid blocks it out, along with any feelings I have. I used to be able to identify a stone just by the feeling of the energy. Now, the squid blocks everything out.

I used to work as a psychic medium, healer and do clearings, but didn't get this because of that kind of work.

It has a long list of unusual properties. It can become cloud like and engulf someone, or dense and metal like and stab its tentacles into someone. It is very strong and can grow to fill up a room and encapsulate everything in it. It doesn't need human energy to feed and grow quickly. It can absorb a lot of energy from the environment. Which is very unusual.

Once when it was in one main clump, it picked it up of the ground to see if I could physically carry it out, and it was like lifting a 40 dog. Then it let go of the floor and it was light as a feather.

I used to be able to clear out a whole house full or regular (haunting) spirits in 10 minutes. This thing - I can barely budge it. I have to use my physical hands to pull or push it off.

"Love and light" methods don't work. It can create and use LOVE, or any nice feeling against someone. Yeah, think about that one for a minute. It uses good feelings as a can opener to soften up / to open my up for vicious attacks. The effects are 24/7.

As far as I know, it only really effects me, but demonstrates itself to others briefly on rare occasions. Other than tricking people into thinking they don't like me, or into feeling they really like me, or that I smell bad or some other tricks.

I woke up about a year ago with a booming, threaten voice above my bed, that "when we're done with you, there won't be anything left but a very polite person". Since then, anytime I feel anything, it stabs, rips or numbs out the energy of the feeling. Apparently damaging it. With the stated goal that I eventually won't have any feelings, interests, etc. left.

I have it on video "demonstrating" itself to another friend of mine. Doing just enough to be obvious. Otherwise, its very good at hiding until it shows itself, and it can trick any reading I've had since it's been around, so getting psychic advice or input about it hasn't worked so far.

The squid fully appears to be controlled by other spirits and is a tool they use.

The woman I know, says the squid that affects her, is from her involvement with Scientology. However, I've had no involvement with that myself.

I figure to get rid of it, it would take a person with super human chi/ ki, or a group of them, or some kind of device that's very powerful or works just the right way.

A couple people I know (not from this board) have recommended a MWO (Multi Wave Oscillator). I've been looking for some good plans to see if I can build one.


*Edit* This site is about this issue


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Joined: 17 Mar 2016
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Location: Phoenix, AZ

PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My advice, FWIW. Maybe you have to do it yourself.

Stop thinking about it. Stop feeding it hate, love, fear, anything. Forget about fighting it. Search deep in yourself for the sacred place in yourself that it cannot touch. From that place affirm that you create your own life, your own body, you decide who to associate with, you decide what influences you. Your power comes from your sacred place. Create a new reality that is free of limitations and anything that covers your light or hinders your life.

These are only suggestions. from your inner safe space see what comes up for you that you need to release. Beliefs about yourself? Beliefs that you cannot create your own reality? Responsibility for connections made out of ignorance or deceit? Raise the light of matter in your body up to join the light of mind. Invoke soul's help. Call in the light of Spirit to clear your aura of what is not your true self using a powerful searchlight that seeks out darkness and evil.

Affirm: "The power of light is destroying the ability of this illusion of possession from affecting me.
"The power of light is negating any qualities of this illusion of possession that might affect me.
"The power of light is destroying all the power within this illusion of possession.

Shine the spotlight on any darkness in your aura, destroy the darkness, Withdraw the spotlight and know that the illusion is gone.

Repeat as often and for as long as necessary.
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Site Admin

Joined: 24 Jan 2005
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Location: Here Now. Somewhere Else Later

PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 4:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank the squid !

It is showing you the weakness in your aura and your consciousness.

The attack points will be in those weakened areas. Without it's attack, you may have missed your weak spots for a lifetime !

Now, you can strengthened those areas in a short period of time, rather than missing them (weak points) for decades and have a steady dribble of negativity dripping through. (This would manifest as smaller attacks by weaker entities and forces for decades, at those points in yourself.)

This is commonly known as Bad Luck.

I like what Dorothy said, she makes very good points. Consider them well.

As Sun Tzu says in The Art of War ( required reading for Warriors of any type).

" if you do not know your weak spots, you can be sure that your Enemy does ! "

My advice is : Strengthen your weak points, ( attitudes, habits, negative people in your life, addictions, perversions, locations, Fears etc.). This is Your part and responsibility in the scenario. It is not just a "big bad creature is attacking me".

The critter WILL seek out a softer target on which to feed. Gratitude burns negative entities like acid. Fear and anger feeds them.

This being said, you may also want to build a Power Wand. Power Wands are designed for just that purpose. Professional Ghost Busters use them with great success.

Then Slap your tormentor around like a tennis ball.

***You may find it quite entertaining...

...I do.

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