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Connecting a CB to a battery, or ADDING power...
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You know, I think I might have had an idea after sitting out in the sunshine in my boxers.

Sunshine has no amps. It is pure volts, like our cloudbusters. Is it possible that our cloudbuster IS transmitting a healthful radiant tesla volt like the sunshine? If the sunshine had amperage, maybe it would kill us. Maybe our chembusters are perfect just like it is, & we've already created sunshine? Then ok, we rule, right, but we still have some interestingly strange experiments in radionics to try w/ a cloudbuster(s?) as a weather modification haarp array. First person that hooks up their cb to at least 100 watts n sends proof with an amp meter photo wins some free soap.

But don't stand too close I guarantee it'll give u cancer.

Here Mr Morin explains that when we sit in the sun we are getting millions of radiant volts thru our body, pure protons no electrons. Our cb is exhibiting poetically similar phenomenon but I doubt it's anything we can't explain using the scientific method if we keep at it. Chances are it ISN'T radiant voltage in the cb, but I still think crystal-generated voltage is more healthful than the kind from the wall outlet. Only God or Mr Morin can create radiant volts such as appear out of the sun. Sensei could prob do it if he wanted to.

It's only a 1:30 second clip, fast-forward to 58.00 minutes n watch until 59:40 at least.

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