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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
Costa Rica Adventure (a much delayed report)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 11:29 pm    Post subject: Costa Rica Adventure (a much delayed report) Reply with quote

The Gingerbread Man and I spent about 3 weeks in Costa Rica last Nov & Dec. We were there right before Carol Croft. Although we told the Crofts that we were there and gifting, we have never written up a ?report? (we didn?t belong to any orgone boards then). I believe we were the first people to gift Costa Rica.

The first week we spent in Parrita (a small town along the Pacific) with our friend?s mom. That week there was a 6.2 earthquake in the middle of the night, the epicenter only about 10 miles from us. Surreptitiously, we?d made a batch of tower busters that very evening. All the houses in this little ?retiree & ex-patriot? community in Parrita had MAJOR structural damage (some split down the middle!) except for one???Yep, you guessed it--ours with the orgone! In fact, the only damage was a few broken wine glasses and the screen door lock off by about a millimeter. We thank those mighty little TBs!

The last two weeks we took to the buses and spent a day or two here??a day or two there?..

Places we left TBs in: Parrita, Quepos, Jaco, (the last two are big tourist areas), along the highway from Jaco to San Jose, Escazu, Turrialba & Monumento Nacional Guayabo (Costa Rica?s ancient ruins), Volcan Irazu and the small community about 11 km below the peak, along the highway from San Jose to Puerto Limon, & in Cahuita (on the Carribbean coast). I think that?s it?.

Unfortunately, we were only in San Jose twice?before we had materials for TB?s & after we ran out of them?so we couldn?t gift there. That place needs it desperately though. Being there just to catch a flight is almost too much time there.

We noticed that there were towers everywhere. They like to paint a lot of them orange & white, which makes it even easier to spot them! Of course there are mini-towers on top of buildings too. Sometimes it was hard to find good places in the cities to hide TB?s (without arousing the suspicion of the local policia, that is....though we did manage to bury about 1/5 of the TBs though...the rest were hidden or thrown into brush). On top of Volcan Irazu (over 18,000 feet?above one layer of clouds and WINDY) there are at least 20 towers in a row. I overheard one man explaining in Spanish that they were for 'weather, radio, TV'?.. We took a picture, but it didn?t come out well at all?..There was also this crazy empty building that looked like it should be on Tatooine there too.

In case anyone else is thinking of going to CR, you can buy resin there! And it?s cheaper! About the equivalent of $10-15 per gallon. It actually dries greenish, so the TBs are already camouflaged. (I think we got ours at a store outside of Jaco.) For metal, we took those packages of metal pot scrubbers you can get at the Dollar store. We left them sealed and just stuffed them in the pockets of the suitcase. We found that one 3-scrubber package can fill a muffin pan of 6 regular size TBs. (In the past I think there has been some question as to the scrubbers? metal type. Aluminum seems to be the final verdict. I do know that Don Croft OK-ed them for use. And Stacie on this board has used them and she?s more energy-sensitive than us two. If you can?t find scrap metal this might be another option for you.)

Had we not toured the country by bus, we might have been able to have made & thrown more TBs. I feel like the 40-50 we gifted were too few?..If you have a credit card, renting a car would be ideal for a gifting tour (fun roads there--hehe).

Finally, we always had at least 1 TB each (if not more) in our backpacks/on our person. We never had any of the trouble or horror stories with which many people we know come back from CR. (Although the bus schedule can often be similar to a horror story or maybe a movie with no plot??.)

abby-yoyo & chopper dave

p.s. There is one more interesting story from this adventure (involving Lake Coter & its UFOs), but that?s for my beau to tell. He should post about it soon?..
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