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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
Tree on powerspot...

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Jay Daga

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 10:21 pm    Post subject: Tree on powerspot... Reply with quote

.. or something..

would you call this sort of entities devas or what? Natures spirits.... see;

I was one day when the Sun was setting sitting in the sunshine in the west side of this one hill,, I had one most amazing communications I have yet had during wake-state of mind,,, lots of things that flowed as energy trough me and I was trying to make such sense in to it and try to "talk" and get answers to my thoughts if I asked something... I did not need to ask, as things just flowed and I at times concentrated on something else,, like a chemtrail being sprayed above me and two military airplanes rising to sky and starting to fly around&above the town... don?t know what they were doing... I had very wonderful realization that the more they spread chemicals or in other way create dead orgone,, the more the healthy grid of orgone built around the town will make good living orgone,, it simply is so and thats what makes it so sure we are gonna win this "battle"... I got simply a statement into my mind at one point that "you are now speaking with your soul" and I had really interesting feeling and point of observation when understanding myself from two sides at the same time,, in thoughts,, other one was person and other higher person,, talk with the Soul that is multidimensional and exists also wise in the future & in different star constellation than this,, somewhere, anywhere in the universe(s)... I got one sort of idea about new orgone-device,,,;

Earth-Spike,, such small orgone device that has wire of copper ,, about half feet long, one end inside the resin/metal/quartz-buster and the idea is to push the spike in ground and leave the orgonegenerator on ground.... This sort of thing,, like a TB with an copperwire from it to outside it,, could be used for some place where the copper could be coiled around,, say for example around fence of some federal place where you can?t get closer. . . I have this thought that the whole fence would then be conductor for healthy orgone if the device was attached to it..

I sat there for about two hours and the energy I experienced and which flowed trough me and did energetical things to me,, taught me something I start to understand little by little more... When I stood up to leave, I had really great feeling of confidence and knowledge that God and whole nature is co-operating with this project that is so extremely needed to happen in every town and area, orgonising; organising the energies ready to rise. And when I was about to leave, I noticed this tree quite next to me ... I looked at it and felt immediately that there was some sort of spirits around,, good ones from heavens and at the same time from Earth... the bad ones had gone away for long time ago as the energies boosted when I sat there... I also felt such things,, the army-mind just next to this place and underground... but but,,

First I watched this tree,, then heard sort of voice saying me to get closer, into personal field of this biggest of the "cousins" there were a few of... Thats how I heard and understood,,, some of the trees were most certainly same lineage than others and I noticed once again the wonderfulness of nature. I then stepped closer and went under the tree,, or just closer next to it,, and this was what I saw;

It was really nice and friendly feeling standing there and I had one orgone gift with me and there was just suitable hole in the rocks under my feet so I understood that this extra buster was meant for this tree... for these natures entities/entity..

can you imagine what these ones can do here,, what energy to transmit..

This last one i noticed just today when I came back to this special tree with camera.... I had sort of conversation earlier if it is okay to come back with camera and of course it was...
I hope you get good connection to our nature by getting familiar with orgone,, it is all sacred.
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