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Herkimer Diamonds

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:48 pm    Post subject: Herkimer Diamonds Reply with quote

Herkimer diamonds are a variety of quartz that comes from Herkimer, New York. These crystals tend to be small, but extremely brilliant like fine diamonds are (hence the name). They are among the finest quality of quartz available on earth. I recently acquired one of these little gems, about three millimeters across. Despite its size, its energy is among the most intense I have ever felt from a stone. These crystals are naturally double-terminated and will greatly amplify the energy and abilities of any stone it is used in combination with. It proves excellent in combination with stilbite and apophyllite, allowing for a more visual experience during meditation (speaking from my personal experience here). For me, the combination of these three nearly caused a full-blown out-of-body experience, whereas before, using only the apophyllite and stilbite gave me more of a trancey peaceful and relaxed feeling, as if floating above the clouds, but still in-body.

By itself, the herkimer diamond caused me visions of geometric patterns and fractals, very neat, orderly, and organized in their nature. Some of these were three-dimensional and others were two-dimensional. The herkimer also charged me with significant amounts of psychic energy, adding to my own natural abundance of it. From my own experience, I am sure that this stone would cause some individuals to experience a full-throttle acceleration of spiritual transformation.
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