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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi albertnet,

about the dimension of the coil, i will check if i still have the plans i got from amazing1 or else i will measure for you. give me a couple days.

no unwanted discharge because of the way the sparkling gap is ajusted there is not enough charge in the condensator to actually do a small lightning. but you can expect ozone generation. lots of it.

but you should know that my mwo antenna is a pale copy of what lakhovsky sold before the nato banned it in the 60's.

him was made not only in copper but from 6 other different metal, some precious some not. i read the list in a transcript of an interview of his son in the 70's. might find it again

also the open circles were arranged a little differently. instead of putting the opening of each circles on the opposed direction only, lakhovsky found a sequence that was even better.

first opening was located north, second south, third east, fourt west , fifth south, sixth north, seventh west and eight east. and so on.

dont know if you see the progression?

it is a great device to charge the body and enhanced your ability to process and endure high level of energy.i suggest always holding an orgonite when exposed.

share other pic? what you want another angle of view. that can be arranged.


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PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dang it, I was trying to do some reading and find someone selling these coils made from silver, copper, bronze, or tin, & WM shows up in the search results. Ok, I'm going to comment real quick. You guys are making this really complicated n im not there yet. This is of interest to me bc I am scared of magnetic fields created by induction coils, but that is precisely what a Lahovsky coil is- a coiled wire that concentrates a magnetic field. Lahovsky heals plants here by encircling a sick plant with a copper coil. Even tho the coil is not magnetized or have current running thru it or grounded or anything it is still healing bc the coil must be creating a beneficial magnetic field no different than ungrounded tactical CBs. Yea ok fine I don't understand how it works if its not ground3d but I am starting to get it. It's not as effective as if it were grounded, but more healthful for life that way, is that it?

Putting a copper ring made of insulated house wire encircling our bed with orgonite inside it would really do somethin', I'd betcha a dollar to a doughnut even tho I don't have a clue what altho i could speculate but the post would get longer. I'm pretty sure if you coil it twice around the bed then the magnetic would be twice as strong. I believe it would be healthier to wrap it in a figure eight around the bed bc is kind of like a mobius coil that cancels out opposite coils's magnetic fields, that's why our DNA is in a double corkscrew helix, bc mobius wraps are more beneficial for life than regular circular induction coils, not bc of scalar waves maybe, but just bc the magnetic field's of the opposing coil cancel each other out & magnetic fields / amps are more dangerous than voltage for some reason. DNA is kind of like two coils resonating off each other like a tuned circuit in the same way a capacitator is a battery precisely bc energy is stored between phases as it fluxes between the electric to magnetic fields (it's true), which is what makes it ALTERNATING CURRENT, which is a fluctuating sine wave unlike dc power which is a flat line on an oscilloscope bc it doesn't oscillate.

Does anybody know why 24k silver chain bracelets are $5k when silver bullion is currently selling for $17.90/ounce? How in the freak much silver are they putting in these things, is it magic silver, bc it seems if i could find an honest metalsmith it shouldn't be that hard to make a damn necklace... ok without further adieu, link @ bottom:

Lahovsky initially proved his theory using plants. In December, 1924, he inoculated 10 germanium plants with a plant cancer that produced tumors. After 30 days, tumors had developed in all of the plants. He took one of the 10 infected plants and simply fashioned a heavy copper wire in a one loop, open-ended coil about 30 cm (12") in diameter around the center of the plant. and held it in place with an ebonite stake . The copper coil acted as an antennae or a tuning coil, collecting and concentrating oscillation energy from extremely high frequency cosmic rays. The diameter of the cooper loop determined which range of frequencies would be captured. He found that the 30 cm loop captured frequencies that fell within the resonant frequency range of the plant's cells. This captured energy reinforced the resonant oscillations naturally produced by the nucleus of the germanium's cells. This allowed the plant to overwhelm the oscillations of the cancer cells and destroy the cancer. The tumors fell off in less than 3 weeks and by 2 months, the plant was thriving. All of the other cancer-inoculated plants-without the antennae coil- died within 30 days. In his book, Lakhovsky shows pictures of the recovered plant after 2 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Three years later, with the original coil left in place, the plant grew into a very robust specimen.

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