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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
Ether Technology - A Rational Approach to Gravity Control

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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 5:04 am    Post subject: Ether Technology - A Rational Approach to Gravity Control Reply with quote

I just finished reading this very interesting book. Thought I would share the find with you. Below is a summary, as well as an excerpt from pages 69 and 70.


ETHER-TECHNOLOGY A Rational Approach to Gravity Control, by Rho Sigma

This classic book on anti-gravity and free energy is back in print. Written by a well-known American scientist under the pseudonym of Rho Sigma, this book delves into international efforts at gravity control and discoid craft propulsion. Before the quantum field, there was 'ether'. Includes chapters on John Searle and Searle discs; T Townsend Brown and his work on anti-gravity; ether-vortex-turbines plus a Foreword by former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell

On many occasions, Edgar Cayce referred to an energy which he called "etheric energies" or "aetheronic energies." There indeed are vibrations or energies which have distinctly different properties from those of the electromagnetic spectrum. Using these vibrations, Dr. Galen Hieronymus has been able to trace the physiological functions of U.S. astronauts circling the moon. This strange energy does not show the usual attenuation characteristics of E/M energies; the strength of the signals does not depend on the distance from the sender. There is good reason to assume that these vibra- tions of the ether are the basis for practically all so-called psychic phenomena, which are unexplained to this day. This energy has been called: "Eloptic energy" by Hieronymus, "Prana" by Indian metaphysicians, "Orgone Energy" by Wilhelm Reich, "Bio-Cosmic Energy" by Dr. Brünier, "X-Force" by the British scientist Eeman, "Nervous Ether" by Richardson, "Odic Force" by Baron von Reichenbach, "Animal Magnetism" by Mesmer, "Vital Fluid" by medieval alchemists, "Mumia" by Paracelsus, and "Vis Medicatrix Naturae" by medical scientists.

"Eloptic Energy operates in a different medium," claims Galen Hieronymus. He elaborates further that this energy can be refracted through a prism and conducted along light rays. It can also be conducted along copper wires, insulated by certain types of materials, and conducted through electronic condensers or capacitors: "The energy from a person can be conducted along light rays and implanted on a light-sensitive film, and again onto a print made from that film. The print can be moved to any distance away from the person, and it will act as a perfect reproduction of the person, changing from moment to moment as the person changes. It was this principle that we used in order to follow the astronauts out into space, arid test them as they changed due to high 'G' stress arid to other influences they were subjected to." These claims could possibly be disregarded as the ravings of a lunatic scientist, were it not for the fact that, around the turn of the century, Professor R. Blondlot in Nancy, France discovered a radiation with exactly the same properties; he named it "N" radiation, after the location in Nancy. The Nobel Prize winning (1903, in physics) French researcher, Professor Jean Becquerel, who was the original discoverer of the phenomenon later called ''radioactivity" by Marie Curie, reported the discovery of his "N" rays in a scientific paper in France.* He stressed one outstanding difference with E/M radiation, namely that "N" rays have a very slow speed of propagation along wires. The same fact was confirmed not only by Hieronymus in the U.S., but also by Eeman ("Eemari-circuits") in England and by a German, Dr. med. et phil., Joseph Wuest.**

The incredible importance of research on this particular subject (ether- radiations) had been recognized by Rudolph Hess, deputy of Adolf Hitler, who privately financed Dr. Joseph Wuest. This fact was mentioned to this writer by Dr. Wuest personally just a few years ago. Only World War II put an end to his research. If the above statements sound heretical, we should not forget that the heresies of Galileo's day are now universally accepted "scientific facts."

Among the still unexplained phenomena are, for instance, telepathy, which cannot be explained by means of electromagnetic hypothesis. The importance of the discovery of the carrier-mechanism of telepathy was described by the Soviet scientist, Vasilyev: "To discover such energy would be tantamount to the discovery of nuclear energy!"
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