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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
Gifting with and without SP

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:06 pm    Post subject: Gifting with and without SP Reply with quote

I find a succor punch is essential for gifting. The first time I went out a mean sounding voice said, "we know where you are." I ignored it, no repeat on that. About the third time I went out I drove down an alley to a tower in a transformer station and planted one TB. I decided to drive around
to the opposite corner along the back of a construction site. By the time I finished there was a white van with two guys watching me. I backed out, drove by and left. They didn't follow. It was a Sunday so probably not anyone connected with the site. I went back a few weeks later and planted one more.

Then I was often getting somebody wanting to know where I was going. I had to try very hard not to reveal anything. It is much quieter with my little succor punch. Nothing bad gets through. Wonderful. Seems to work if I just imagine it is close to me when I don't have it.

Another time I drove to the back of a motor cycle sales lot and planted one. A guy came out and asked what I was doing so I told him I was planting orgonite. He said,"We don't do that here. You will have to leave." So I left, I was done anyway. Probably brain washed by being so close to the tower. I will probably go back sometime and plant another one next door.

One time, as I left home, I was told to go to a certain nearby spot, right then. I buried my TB under a tree by the parking lot of a garage. Someone came out a saw me, came over and asked what I put there. I told him and he said someone was putting out food for cats which were a bother. I explained it all and he wanted to know if it would help him.

Those contacts were before SP. Not that I object to curious people. Positive contact is nice.

I have now covered all but a few on the edge of my 4 mile radius. Will be branching out. I have an orgonite helper who suggested a specific area to cover. All those towers along the freeways are kind of challenging.
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