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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
The Rythm law, magnetic monopoles. the secrets of Marconi an

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:26 am    Post subject: The Rythm law, magnetic monopoles. the secrets of Marconi an Reply with quote

The Rythm law, magnetic monopoles. the secrets of Marconi and Ighina.

There was an Italian named Pierluigi Ighina, that was a friend of Guglielmo Marconi when young.
He was very sensitive, and shared with Marconi some secrets. The green-wave and the magnetic atoms theories.
In point of dead, Marconi said, I was stupid to distrupt the green wave, I that I know its secrets.

Luckily Ighina did wrote an exceptional book about these studies, it is L'atomo magnetico, in english The Magnetic Atoms.
There you can find all the details. Nobody did translated that book that I know, I have it so I can tell you more.

There exists these magnetic atoms, smaller than the common know atoms. They're the glue of matter, the promoters of the pulsation of other atoms, the promotors of life. When you trigger an atom bomb, you simply make a catalyst to suck these atoms out of matter. They're 2 kinds, the sun one that does pulsate from inside to outside, then the earth types that pulsate from outside to inside. They're in constat motion, they come from the sun, in spiral way, the earth does diminish their speed, and in the center of earth they get reflected, inverted, and sent back to the sun in a spiral that is opposite to the sun one. They're magnetic monopoles, Sun types are yellow, Earth types are blue, when they're united they create the pulsation for life, the green wave. It is the Rytm of life.

When, around the WW2, Ighina built an incredible microscope, with a simple but geniuos technic, he reached 1.600.000.000X magnifications. Yes, it is officially impossible even today due to difraction if I am right. He did the trick by making the lens to rotate, He then wanted to place the image on the lens, instead than on the eye of the observer, so that he was able to put another microscope over the 1st, he did this by drawing lines on the rotating lens. So solved this, he was able to magnifing at infinite. There was still one problem, lens does sucks a bit of light, so he had to make another trick. To send lights with a copy of microscope sets to illuminate each couple of lens.
Using this trick, there was finally no limit to the magnification process.

Yet, he then had to solve another problem. These atoms were in motion, he did have to slow them. He made the trick by making a box with various type of matter walls, plaster mostly was able to shield these atoms from outside interference, and in total dark, he saw finally the magnetic atoms, still moving, still pulsating, but now a picture was possible to take. But only on black and white, due to the tricks of light.

After 4 years of trials, and million of liras expended for lens, he took the picture of the magnetic atom.

This was the microscope, as you see they're 2.

Nazi did stolen it, as well as some other fantastic devices.

Devices to draw clouds, make rain (earth negative monopole emitter), make the sun shines (sun positive monopole emitter), and even make appear an artificial sun at night.(In this occasion police, military, etc went in his city buffled with the new sun over it, as journal papers wrote...")
Devices to generate the green-wave, to change the speed of atoms, the rapport of yellow and blue, to change the matter, to change the radioactivity, to communicate with other planets (you need to capture their magnetic monopole. Then add the sun one and you can use that.), to shield a city, to make a landscape for UFOs, to stop UFOs engines (one crashed next his home), to stop combustion engines, an earthquake valve (The earthquake is compressed energy, and like a gas compressed in a recipient, you need a valve. That's in short the Earthquake valve. It does spirals back to the sun the excess energy), a device to change the biological matter, An apple tree can make pears by changing his rythm. A balancing 'chair'"... A space ship built by the UK that was sent to the sun, to the center of it, to explore the energies of it. And I guess I'm missing much more.

The most difficult to believe, is a sentence of him that more or less is translated this way... "When the scientists will find, that the planets are still, and all that is moving is magnetic lights, they will understand the real world and the illusion that they live..."

UK scientist declared "We are in 2100..." when coming out of his home....

I was grown thinking there was nothing to invent since they have already invented atom boms, etc, but after reading of Ighina, I only miss a garden where to make the antenna for the Earth-type magnetic atoms. From that energy, you can build everything. The sun still shine over us Wink

Most people in the alternative side of science belive Tesla was the real deal, while Marconi was a thief. Tesla was an incredible genious sure, but Marconi was different, he was granted to have access to the secret Vatican library. Different knowledge. They were friends in the late times. Who knows then if the legend about the Marconi double is true, and if he faked his death going to the Andes, building a secret city with the most immense laboratory of the world, with other physicians and one famous alchemist, Fulcanelli. There's no proof of this absurd legend. Only one book.

Today, the earthquake valve was replicated. There are various in action around cities in central Italy, where there are earthquakes. 3,5km of radius, with people that proves, no buildings have collapsed inside the radius. Not even little damages on ancient buildings inside the field.

You can see picture and reports here,
and here translate by google, but pics doesn't load with google-translator
https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=e n&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cambioilmondo.it%2Fnews-valvole-antisism iche-centro-italia%2F&edit-text=&act=url

Think of this whole stuff this way, they were able to create/store magnetic monopoles, either sun types or earth types, then it is a matter of their rythm and how much of them. An apple tree can make pears by changing his rythm. Each atom or living cell has his hown rythm. To store monopoles to make bigger effects can take up to 3 years.
The theory is simple, the application needs you to be very sensitive.

I know of one italian that has replicated the magnetic monopole generator, without shielding it he tested it. He had to stay on bed for days.... this stuff is real.

The most simplest device is this one, ERIM. Not dangerous when built right.
The green spirals do emits the 'green-wave' and you can place your hands next to them and feel it. (I admit I have still to build mine, but other friends confirmed this works ok).

an italian howto here http://www.planetpeace.altervista.org/materialeERIM.htm

To store magnetic atoms, he was using paraffin (similiar to resin!), to trap them... aluminium powders. Plaster to shield.

Ighina died in 2004. His seeds are sprouting in the italian research community.

I hope I have written it clear enough, I hope you the best in this reasearch. Be careful.

PS: some youtube videos:
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yea ok I think I might believe some of that. I was about to watch TV last nite n i checked into WM and ending up spending the evening on a strange trip researching magnetic monopoles.

Yea there might be some kind of coverup going on here.

Reading wm makes my brain feel so strange. I need to take a few days off to just fast & meditate at the top of a mountain someplace without any books or the internet, or maybe some shrooms & a river.

The Hunt for the Magnetic Monopole: If magnets donít have to have two poles, it could lead to an entirely new class of devices----------- http://spectrum.ieee.org/semiconductors/materials/the-hunt-for-the-mag netic-monopole
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Joined: 31 May 2011
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PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 8:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

here a video on howto build the ERIM device
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