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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
Saw an Object Disappear

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:22 am    Post subject: Saw an Object Disappear Reply with quote

Someone asked me to share the details of this story, so here it is.

It was 12 years ago (2005) and I was a 23 year old Specialist (E4) serving my 3rd year in the Army. I was stationed at Fort Polk, Louisana in the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion, Mortar Platoon. I was in the best shape of my life, not taking any medication or supplements and I don't wear glasses. We had just finished an OPFOR Rotation (A War Games scenerio. Our unit always played the Bad Guys) and I had about 5 hours left in the work day before going on a 4 day pass.

I had just walked back from the PX (Post Exchange) on my lunch break with my usual order of food....2 slices of Anthony's Pizza and an Amp Energy drink. Our barracks had a large open grassy courtyard in the middle of 4 buildings. The courtyard was about 75ft x 75ft square with 2 long picnic tables in the middle sitting about 6ft across from each other, so the benches would be facing parallel to each other. This is where I usually ate my lunch and enjoyed a cigarette. No smoking allowed in the Battalion Area so I usually took my time chain-smoking a few cigs before heading back to work.

Someone had left a 32 oz red Coca-Cola cup on the picnic table across from me. I remember looking at the cup and thinking "one of those D-Troop sh**bags left trash on the table again" and making a note to throw it away when I was finished eating. Leaving trash in the courtyard was a No-Go and our Company often got in trouble for D-Troop's garbage.

So im sitting on this picnic table bench with my back against the table part, facing the opposite picnic table where this cup was sitting. I had my feet kicked out in front of me, slice of pepperoni in my hand, pizza box in my lap and my Amp energy drink sitting next to me. Mouth full of pizza.

It was not a windy day, but all the sudden a quick gust of wind knocked the red Coca-Cola cup off the opposite table. The cup fell toward me and I remember quickly jerking both my legs back in fear of getting Coca-Cola splashed on my highly-polished black Jungle Boots (this was a year before the Digital ACU uniform became standard issue)......but before the cup could even hit the ground it vanished, mid-air. Completely vanished.

I was anticipaiting so much in that moment. I was anticipating the cup hitting the ground. I was antipicating the sound of ice and coke splashing around inside the cup. I was anticipating Coca-Cola getting on my boots and pants. None of that happened because the cup disappeared. Although it was hard for my brain to comprehend what jad ust happened but I knew what my eyes had seen.

The way the cup disappeared was instantaneous. It did not fade away. There was no "flash of light" or "fade to black" but simply what I can only describe as "Blinking out" of reality. It just vanished like when a magician snaps his fingers and flowers pop out of his hand. Instantaneous. I sat there on the bench staring with half-chewed pizza in my now open mouth.

The first thing I did was look around to see if anybody else saw what just happened. Of course there was nobody else around to see it. Most soldiers ate lunch at the PX or in their rooms. I was the only soldier in the courtyard on that day. It felt like an episode of the twilight zone, like time was standing still. I wiped my eyes and turned back to look for the cup that should have hit the ground, but it was still not there.

Next I decided to stand up and search for the cup. I remember placing my box of pizza crusts ( I never eat the crust) and my half empty Amp Energy on the table while I began a grid-search for the cup. I searched for the cup even though I KNEW it was gone, only because I had to double and triple check my self before I accepted what just happened. "Check and test, check and test" was a phrase often drilled into our heads during our Infantry, Mortar and Parachute training. We triple checked everything, and then we checked it again.

I started my search about 20ft from the picnic tables, and verrrrry sloooowwwly walked around in a circle, stopping every few steps to crouch and search for this Big Red Cup in the middle of an open grass area. A few times I even layed flat on my stomach to triple check under the picnic tables. I must have checked under those 2 tables at least 15 times before I gave up. The wind had only blown for that split second, long enough to knock the cup off the table. I checked, and checked, and checked again but that damn cup was gone. I remember thinking to myself while searching "Why are you even looking for it, you SAW it disappear" but training told me to check again. Eventually I lit up a cigarette and just stood there facing the 2 picnic tables, going over what just happened in my head.

After my cigarette I decided to head back to work, even though I still had 20 minutes left on my lunch break. Walking back to work I kept turning around and looking back....still looking for the cup I saw disappear. It was a long walk back to work and I didn't say much to anyone for the rest of the day. You start telling people in the Army that you saw something disappear and you'll land yourself a psychological evaluation in no time. I had 1 year left in the military and didn't want anything like that on my permanent record. One thing was for sure and my mind was made up by the end of that day, I had to leave the Army so I could investigate this further. Reality as I knew it was not what I've been told. I knew deep inside that what we've been told was a lie, and my new objective in life was to find the truth about Reality and my existence.

That was the first and only time in my life I had ever seen an object disappear like that. I've dropped my car keys on the floor and stuff, and could not find them for a few hours. I've dropped other objects and could never find them, but i've never again seen an object "Blink out' of existence like that, like flipping a switch.

The only other thing worth mentioning about this story is that I had a kind of ...semi "out-of-body" experience about 2 weeks before the Disappearing Cup incident. I was laying in my barracks room on my little twin bed, half asleep and half awake. We had just finished our morning PT and I was smoked from the 5 mile run. While laying on my bed I fell into a half-trance dream like state....left my body.....stuck my head through the door and saw my buddy about to knock on the door. Suddenly I was awakend by the sound of someone knocking on the door. It was my buddy who I had just seen while out of my body. I was just looking at his face, his hand raised about to knock on the door. Soon as he knocked, I was sucked back into my body and woke up to the sound of him knocking. Again, I kept my mouth shut about this and brushed it off as "coincidence".

I've had a total of 9 actual real "out-of-body" experiences since I left the Army. Of those 9 experiences 7 of them happened within a few weeks time, almost back to back and they lasted over 20 minutes each, at least that's my estimation because my roommate was watching TV and I was able to somewhat figure out how long it lasted by checking which TV show he was currently watching. He never missed an episode of NCIS.

During 3 of the Out-of-Body experiences I heard an errie, high pitched "whining/ringing" noise in my ear like that always scared the shit out of me. During 1 of the experiences, I heard a soft, very sweet woman;s voice whispering complex mathematical equations in my ear. And during another I watched a string of "Blueprints and Schematics" being downloaded into my head from the ceiling.

It's been about 3 years since I've had any of these kind of experiences. Lately i've been kinda stressed out, especially after getting Arsenic Poisoning, spending a whole year detoxing Arsenic (which is easy now that I know Folate / Vitamin B9 will detox Arsenic rapidly) and now I'm detoxing Mercury and Cadmium from my body. Ever since I started eating healthy i've been detoxing a lot of heavy metals, but the people who do my Hair Tests (every 45 days I get a hair test) have assured me that I've had this crap in my body for years and eating a good diet is making it come out.....but sometimes Heavy Metals do more damage on the way out of your body than they do while in.

Anyway, that's my story of the day I saw a big ass 32 oz red Coca-Cola cup vanish in mid-air.

"No shit, there I was....."
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:15 pm    Post subject: Wow !! Reply with quote

Sounds like you caught a glimpse of ultimate reality! The only thing I have seen disappear is the literally hundreds of socks which I can't find the matching pair ( Proof of multi-universe in my mind). Many mystics have described your experience.
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

LOL - what an interesting experience...

Change happens when we become aware of what we are already doing.

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