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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
The Rules of Psychic Warfare.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have thought much about this article that I see as spiritual warfare, and much is truth and understanding of life's journey.

Many people suffer from and encounter with demonic forces of the darkness through those demons that work and survive within and without a person. My knowledge and understanding of the earthly and heavenly things of the natural and supernatural realms came from my own encounter with them and the teachings of our Almighty God, our Heavenly Father.

From the day of our birth, our life is before us, God gave us “free will”, and we make our own good and bad decisions and choices. Each bad choice can lead us to suffering, torment, torture, harassment, and control. Our “soul” is the storeroom of all our pains, hurts, offences, and abuse that is laid down like layers of an onion. As these layers are laid down upon each other, we may begin to manifest anger, bitterness, dislike, and hatred; and these feelings are what draw those negative and dark forces of the supernatural realm to enter our “soul”.

The forces can suppress, oppress, and possess our “soul”, and when this is so, we find that we struggle with patience, self control, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, peace, joy, and love.

We need to realise that any bad, evil, and dark action by us to another person through verbal, or emotional, or physical, or supernatural abuse will draw the same back to us, ten-fold.

We say that we learn from our mistakes, but when we depart from godliness and unrighteousness, we are then suppressing the “truth”, the truth about God and about ourselves. We do things, which are not of God, and we mentally perceive the revealed truth, but we chose to ignore and suppress it. In doing so, we are without excuse, and God’s anger is revealed, against our actions of the suppression of truth, and God’s wrath is placed upon us allowing our enemies to utilise the realm we have left open by our actions.

We need to look for and understand the “keys of heaven”, doing those things that declare those things that are improper and unlawful on the earth and in Heaven by a defensive battle, and not an offensive one! When we resist and stand, we are defending, and we don’t give place to the enemy, who seeks to steal, destroy and kill. We need to be an enemy to our enemies. We defend our “soul”, which is our “house”, and we don’t leave our door open for the enemy to come in.
We need to be aware that our hands need to be cleansed, our heart purified, and to be humble. There is no place for pride, but only love and forgiveness. If we love our enemy and forgive our enemy, then we are defending our “house”.

We need to be aware of those things that we do, such as the lack of goodness, kindness, compassion, and patience that will show our internal weaknesses of the lack of self-control. We need to be aware that there are no hurts, offences, and abuse that are hiding deep down within our heart. Our prejudices against others and even against ourselves will open our “house” to the powers of darkness, our enemy.

We need to be aware, beware, and don’t be unaware of our weaknesses and shortcomings, and of those around us, who we may trust, because the enemy of our soul will use those who are close to us, through their weaknesses.
The enemy will always be there listening to and watching what you are doing.

Be aware, beware, and don’t be unaware of continual problems with your car, accidents, malfunctions, problems with family members, friends, and ill health. There is a reason for this, and if we lack love and forgiveness for an enemy or a friend, or love one, then this lack of love and forgiveness will give the powers of darkness the legal rights to attack.
Be forthright and decisive in all decisions.

We need to see that the divine attributes that known by our Almighty God are clearly seen in us, and the material universe. Nature speaks eloquently of our Creator, from the intricate design of the human cell to the majestic strength of a rocky mountain, and all of God’s work testifies to His wisdom and power.

Through all understanding and knowledge of such, we also know that all unrighteous people are without excuse. We cannot have our feet in two different camps.

We need to put on our armour, keeping our mind clear, our hands cleansed, and our heart purified, as we walk in unity, love, light, and wisdom.

We need to remember that we are not fighting against a human being, but against those forces that control the human being and is working through them. We need to be disciplined, alert, vigilant, and strong so that we can resist and withstand the onslaught that they direct toward us.

I have discovered that when we speak the three golden words: If you please, I thank you, You are right, I am wrong, I am sorry, Please forgive me, I forgive you, and I love you---then who can be against you?

May our Almighty God bless you all.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lena wrote:

The very first time I tried the Hammer of Thor thing I had the most vivid, amazing flash of blue lightning in my head and knew I was on to something Smile I have at times used the image of throwing the hammer and making the shell of lies and untruths break around a person... just like cracking a shell of ice. I did find that it works quite well once I took full responsibility for my own circumstances and choices... not quite as well when I still had my own lies and self delusions to deal with... Wink


HI !

What is the Hammer of Thor?


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tuxedo meow

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lena, can you explain The Hammer of Thor thing again?

i have to laugh at myself some when i lose my warrior self and have to start rebuilding again. I make this thread a must read and realize that ,like once trained muscles recover their memories when one begins to work out again, revive also.

I am gaining back by teaching others and by having to live what i teach them. Thanks you all for this thread and others.
"Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music"
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PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2013 5:49 pm    Post subject: Wisdom Reply with quote

From the educate yourself site:

Rules of the Road
13 Principles of Spiritual Activism

[Editor's Note: These 13 suggestions for ethical behavior and spiritual progression are based on principles which operate throughout the universe. Some people call them Universal laws When you reach the point in your life when you begin to take notice of these inviolate rules and consciously apply them, you begin to notice changes in your awareness, in your sense of fulfullment, satisfaction, and peace. You will also notice material and spiritual rewards coming to you in greater abundance. When you follow these spiritual Rules of the Road for Life's Journey, you will find yourself in harmony with the Voice of the Creator and life will flow through you like a river. Christ was able to distill a fair share of the ideas embraced here when he laid out the principle of Golder Rule: "Do unto others as they would do unto you" and "Love thy neighbor as thyself". Jesus didn't do such a bad job expanding these concepts with the Beatitudes either. Print this list out and tape it to your refrigerator or slip it into a page protector and put it somewhere where you and other people will notice it and read it. Daily reminders are the best way to adopt new patterns of behavior. ..Ken]

July 6, 2005

Forward courtesy of Marcus Macauley <mmacauley>

Original Title
Principles of Spiritual Activism

The following principles emerged from several years' work with social change leaders in Satyana's Leading with Spirit program. We offer these not as definitive truths, but rather as key learnings and guidelines that, taken together, comprise a useful framework for "spiritual activism."

1. Transformation of motivation from anger/fear/despair to compassion/love/purpose. This is a vital challenge for today's social change movement. This is not to deny the noble emotion of appropriate anger or outrage in the face of social injustice. Rather, this entails a crucial shift from fighting against evil to working for love, and the long-term results are very different, even if the outer activities appear virtually identical. Action follows Being, as the Sufi saying goes. Thus "a positive future cannot emerge from the mind of anger and despair" (Dalai Lama).

2. Non-attachment to outcome. This is difficult to put into practice, yet to the extent that we are attached to the results of our work, we rise and fall with our successes and failures—a sure path to burnout. Hold a clear intention, and let go of the outcome—recognizing that a larger wisdom is always operating. As Gandhi said, "the victory is in the doing," not the results. Also, remain flexible in the face of changing circumstances: "Planning is invaluable, but plans are useless."(Churchill)

3. Integrity is your protection. If your work has integrity, this will tend to protect you from negative energy and circumstances. You can often sidestep negative energy from others by becoming "transparent" to it, allowing it to pass through you with no adverse effect upon you. This is a consciousness practice that might be called "psychic aikido."

4. Integrity in means and ends. Integrity in means cultivates integrity in the fruit of one's work. A noble goal cannot be achieved utilizing ignoble means.

5. Don't demonize your adversaries. It makes them more defensive and less receptive to your views. People respond to arrogance with their own arrogance, creating rigid polarization. Be a perpetual learner, and constantly challenge your own views.

6. You are unique. Find and fulfill your true calling. "It is better to tread your own path, however humbly, than that of another, however successfully." (Bhagavad Gita)

7. Love thy enemy. Or at least, have compassion for them. This is a vital challenge for our times. This does not mean indulging falsehood or corruption. It means moving from "us/them" thinking to "we" consciousness, from separation to cooperation, recognizing that we human beings are ultimately far more alike than we are different. This is challenging in situations with people whose views are radically opposed to yours. Be hard on the issues, soft on the people.

8. Your work is for the world, not for you. In doing service work, you are working for others. The full harvest of your work may not take place in your lifetime, yet your efforts now are making possible a better life for future generations. Let your fulfillment come in gratitude for being called to do this work, and from doing it with as much compassion, authenticity, fortitude, and forgiveness as you can muster.

9. Selfless service is a myth. In serving others, we serve our true selves. "It is in giving that we receive." We are sustained by those we serve, just as we are blessed when we forgive others. As Gandhi says, the practice of satyagraha ("clinging to truth") confers a "matchless and universal power" upon those who practice it. Service work is enlightened self-interest, because it cultivates an expanded sense of self that includes all others.

10. Do not insulate yourself from the pain of the world. Shielding yourself from heartbreak prevents transformation. Let your heart break open, and learn to move in the world with a broken heart. As Gibran says, "Your pain is the medicine by which the physician within heals thyself." When we open ourselves to the pain of the world, we become the medicine that heals the world. This is what Gandhi understood so deeply in his principles of ahimsa and satyagraha. A broken heart becomes an open heart, and genuine transformation begins.

11. What you attend to, you become. Your essence is pliable, and ultimately you become that which you most deeply focus your attention upon. You reap what you sow, so choose your actions carefully. If you constantly engage in battles, you become embattled yourself. If you constantly give love, you become love itself.

12. Rely on faith, and let go of having to figure it all out. There are larger 'divine' forces at work that we can trust completely without knowing their precise workings or agendas. Faith means trusting the unknown, and offering yourself as a vehicle for the intrinsic benevolence of the cosmos. "The first step to wisdom is silence. The second is listening." If you genuinely ask inwardly and listen for guidance, and then follow it carefully—you are working in accord with these larger forces, and you become the instrument for their music.

13. Love creates the form. Not the other way around. The heart crosses the abyss that the mind creates, and operates at depths unknown to the mind. Don't get trapped by "pessimism concerning human nature that is not balanced by an optimism concerning divine nature, or you will overlook the cure of grace." (Martin Luther King) Let your heart's love infuse your work and you cannot fail, though your dreams may manifest in ways different from what you imagine.
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PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2013 7:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Being dogmatic about firing up things is a loss!

Ruth your orgone pucks are the best! Because they feel better than any book out in the library or even better than my own pucks!

Be a creative individual with your own mind!
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gregory33 wrote:
Purelightjoy wrote:
The ONLY way to battle a "demon" or lower astral entity that Is leeching is with pure love and light,

as you said these things are different then your typical light being balancing back and forth on the karmic wheel so you must approach accordingly. These are things of darkness, of fear, and as such the only effective method is to radiate pure love and light to them, this also applies to most physic attack.
It is extremely important for one to be a full light being fully protected and divine on his own will before he/she approaches such "battles" in the first place. Light and Love is the answer, darkness can not exist in the light. that's all there is to it.
I am dealing with a very powerful demon via a friend of mine, he is very aggressive and recently left a mark on one of friends who is an awakening light worker, friends we simply cannot allow this, we are more highly evolved and unimaginably stronger then these tiny leeches, there only power is the fear and darkness you feed them, so it is of the utmost importance to radiate love and light, they have no power over these things, they will realize they are child fodder if thrown in the correct light Very Happy.

Please make sure you are free and clear of manipulation and ego before even attempting such things as remote physic battles, or you could be unwittingly working for the wrong side.

Please know that any negative activity that you willingly put in your body is opening the gate for these lower entity leeches, and some times greater ones; smoking, drinking,... etc is willingly allowing lower astral entities to suck of you, this is a fact, anyone with higher spiritual energy can see this as plane as night and day. Become a full light worker before trying to effect others for the good, you must be complete in your aura and sincerity of love and light before being truly effective in any of this, physic power without love and light; attempting to change others IS evil and will effect your karma.

Remember in Reality there is NO Good and Evil, there is only Adult and Child. Darkness and evil are only those things which we do not understand and/or cannot perceive, once illuminated there is no reason to fear because it is fully understood, fully perceived for what it is(child).
In the higher vibrations, in the more highly evolved places, there is no evil, it cannot exist.
WE Must remember if we are working for the light and for the benefit of all we have all the power, theirs is only the power to feed off our energy. As Divine beings the choice is always ours.

Bless you, this is the Truth Ultimata.

The best success I have had is when I have to chosen to bless them with the light eternal that will never fade so they can return to the path of truth and love. I also request God's assistance (through his angels or whomever He deems acceptable) that every decision they make from that point in be of benefit to ALL that exist in the worlds that we know and those that we don't, so that they no longer harm anyone else (this I got from: Tom T Moore and his "Most Benevolent Outcomes" prayers... MBO for short) .
They must of taken a other options to get to me now because they don't try to slip in acting as one of my Achetypes in my dreams or meditations anymore. A few have gotten soo flustered issuing threats that I would regret it, but how can you take them seriously when you have blessed their path (with sincerity) to only act in Truth and Love? You can only thank them for choosing to become a teacher for one of the future life's lessons or tests that God has chosen you to partake in. I often apologize in advance for any anger or frustration I may misdirect at them instead of the test since I can be a little daft and hardheaded at times. To which... they just storm out, never to be seen from again. Rolling Eyes

I would much rather dealing with them directly in my dreams/meditations than using people I love to get under my skin. My heart aches when I realize how many are hurt by these actions to teach me a lesson (even if it is a lesson to be shared). As I meditate and take responsibility for my actions, I see how many people slight ill intents influenced my behavior. Being compassionate to those people can be hardest. Often because you may not be taking full responsibility for your actions and still seek something to blame. You often want to reflect back the pain they have caused, just to get even. But sometimes, I catch myself and I simply request that their access to the source of truth and love be widened. To double their access so that compassion can allow them to comprehend the hurt they have caused. I also request that all those hurt receive a beneficial boost 10- 100 times more powerful than the ill intent without draining the person's own reserves.
All too often, I have to ask that My angels do the same from me, to many thoughtless wayward blessings and curses can emanate from a defensive ego.

Thank you for making this a sticky, every so often you need to re-read this info and remind yourself just what you are missing.
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 4:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well said beslim and Gregory.

Thank you for supporting WarriorMatrix at:
Please, share...
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is SUCH a GREAT thread.

I need this so much in my life right now.

I have so much purpose but I am wounded easily... Standing up again for myself with love for the challenge is something I can do, but at this point I am still learning and it takes alot of energy and I get tired very quickly... Thank you all for the keys and the reminders.
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