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New NanoShield 7.83 Hz.and 528 Hz.
Re-Connecting the bio-energetic circuits of the body

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:22 pm    Post subject: Re-Connecting the bio-energetic circuits of the body Reply with quote

Note: I am telling this highly complex subject from my own limited point of view, so I am in no way complete. Please research for your own if you wan't to know more so you can judge for yourself. And I am not English, so please don't mind the imperfect use of language.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------

The body is a holographic system which corresponds to the holographic system of the universe.
This means that holographic shapes is a basic form of energy which is represented in the whole of the universe. The atom has the same energy signature as a galaxy for example. These holographic codes are translated and made visible trough sacred geometry. This means that certain geometrical shapes act as a energy signature trough the universe.

Our bodies are a holographic 'dubble' of the universe. In a hologram, the lower is mirrored in the upper and the whole is mirrored in the one. This means that al geometrical shapes are present in our body and that those geometrical shapes are coded information which has links to it several functions: bodily, mental and spiritual.

This holograpic shape always fits in a sphere. The first holographic shape would be a 3 dimensional triangle. The second would be a cube, the third a 3-dimensional octagon and so on. Eventually these simple shapes are getting more complex as the shapes are combined with each other. So two 3-dimensional triangels would form a 6-pointed star, which forms another another basis for more complexity. In this way the universe evolves the geometrical complexity and eventually it will form the flower of life in 3d.

Well all these geometrical shapes provide holographic, energetic functions troughout the universe. And because we have a body which is a mirror of the universe, it does this in our bodies as well.

The main point is, is that our bodies, trough dna-modification and the false matrix-society, has forgotten some of these holographic geometrical shapes. And because the body doesn't have acces to these geometrical patterns, a lot of functions are forgotten. Functions like a conscious connection to source, telepathy and intiution are examples of this.

By simply helping the body 'remembering' those geometrical shapes to the corresponding body functions the body can organically reconnect to them. Thus restoring the original function.

This can be simple done with a free ceremony, which is called original innocense. The video is found here: https://vimeo.com/37153242#at=0

I stumbled upon these ceremonies and I did the original innocense ceremonie online. And from what I can experience, it really helped. It feels completely organic and natural. I did them twice now, the first time I did some years ago. The second time whas just a few weeks ago. The maint point is, is that once they are connected, the body remembers them. So basically it won't forget it anymore. The body organically starts working with these new energies and a learning curve will start. This process is completely safe and aligned with the current path of the individual.

I notice more calmness, more joy, a more sense of connection to nature and natural phenomena. I feel a great urge to go for my highest path and less drawn to matrix stuff. Besides that I feel my shadows are showing themselves more clearly so that I can finally see trough them for what they are. I can really see that I am an innocense creature and I am starting to reconnect what original innocense in this universe means. And I can see that we are all innocent creatures in a big universe. And that is such a big relieve!

I am in no sense involved financially in these ceremonies and I have no agenda. If you feel drawn and open to it, you can read more about it on:
http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?36806-Connecting-the-Br oken-Circuits-in-Our-Bodies-to-Prepare-for-the-future

27/11/2015 edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gOSOfJVk_8&t=58

If you are interested in the link between body, consciousness and geometry: If you are interested in deep personal and global evolution and transformation: Please watch this.
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